Transforming the Moving Industry:

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Product

How Technology Drives Efficiency

We are in an era where technology is transforming traditional industries like the moving industry, innovations such as virtual home tours, automation, and cloud-based software are redefining how the moving industry operates. Companies like Move Right are leading this transformation by offering an innovative all-in-one platform, which provides numerous benefits to both small and large moving companies. In this article, we explore how to adapt to the changing technological landscape and discuss key innovations that can enhance your business.

Virtual Home Tours: Redefining Estimates in the Digital Age

Virtual home tours are changing the moving industry in a key way. The estimation process is the critical pipeline that delivers business. By offering a convenient and accurate alternative to in-person walkthroughs. Services like Yembo, are increasing the ability for movers to bring in new customers. The result is increased overall revenue. Yembo has built a cutting edge AI-powered customer inventory assessment tools. This tools empowers your customers to perform an accurate inventory of their items with the help of AI. They can now perform an accurate on site estimate independently or guided by a virtual estimator. “A significant portion of time is spent just sending out estimates to customers, which include details like the number of movers, duration, and addresses,” says an industry insider.

Technologies like these make the estimation process fast and painless. Turning a task that could take hours or even days to turn around into mere minutes. Recognizing the potential of such technology we partnered with Yembo. Now we directly integrate these virtual one site estimates into our platform. Its important to follow up with leads as quickly as you can. When you break it down, the more leads you can estimate the more business that will land on your books.

Driven Efficiency: More Done with Less

No one needs to spend time laboring over spreadsheets everyday to build out their schedule or duplicate data across an email provider, a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and a Google doc. Modern solutions allow you to effectively plan your routes and use the schedule to make the most of your assets. With platforms like Move Right, you can manage customer data, scheduling, asset tracking, payment monitoring, and invoicing—all in a single service. Make the system work for you, not the other way around. Technologies that you adopt should free up valuable time. Time to focus on generating business for you and your team.

Chatting About Business: Providing Real Customer Service

Another area that will see improvement is customer service. AI has been making strides in this space for years, but its pace exploded this year with the public release of ChatGPT and the technology continues to evolve rapidly. Building a chatbot that is trained on your data that can provide answers tailored to your business 24 hours a day is easier than ever. In a recent talk by Andrew Ng founder of DeepLearning.AI he said “there are now certain AI applications that used to take me, literally, six months, maybe a year to build that many teams around the world can now build in maybe a week.”

Along with that speed up these chatbots’ capabilities are more advanced than ever. These are not the same frustrating customer service chatbot from before. The pop ups that you have to figure out how to navigate through in order to talk an actual human. They offer dynamic and lifelike conversational responses to customer questions. Also they can be trained, in a process called fine tuning, so that they know everything about your company’s and can answer questions about your products and services. We see this as a huge untapped opportunity for companies to generate more customers and provide better service. Delivering on one of the cornerstones of the moving industry, good customer service.

Cloud Computing: The New Operational Hub

Moving companies are moving towards centralized cloud-based platforms. These offer scalability, regular updates, and remote access in an industry that is often on the move. As one business owner put it, “I want to seamlessly integrate different software solutions—from turning quotes into estimates, to converting those estimates into orders, and finally scheduling those orders on the calendar.”

A unified platform like Move Right eliminates the need to juggle multiple services and can significantly boost operational efficiency. That boost gives you more free time you and more man hours to use towards scaling your business .

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