Mar 20, 2024 – Estimator Tool Improvements

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Patch Notes - Future

Feb 14, 2024 – Search V2

Add search bar to all pages to search across entire application

Jan 17, 2024 – OTR Routing Based on distance

Franchises will not have leads that are < 120 miles routed into them automatically

Jan 10, 2024 – Allowing on-the-fly price changes

Users can now set custom prices on charges using the estimating tool.

Jan 10, 2024 – Viewer Only Role

This role is only capable of viewing objects and reports within Move Right

Jan 03, 2024 – New fields added to estimating tool for use with corporate accounts

The estimating tool now features two new fields: "company" and "billing address". These fields are intended to facilitate the process of booking a job for a company as opposed to an individual. Both fields are optional, but can be used to customize documents, for...

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Introducing Move Right: Revolutionising the way you move!

The wait is over, and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest SaaS marvel: Move Right! Developed by Karve Information Technology, this groundbreaking software is set to redefine how businesses across Canada and the US handle estimating, scheduling, and accounting for large-scale relocations